2016 Toyota Corolla ZR Review

The 2016 Toyota Corolla ZR offers the same body and basic mechanical design, but now comes with new bumpers that make it longer 55mm longer and give it a more substantial look with our 2016 Toyota Corolla ZR review.


The new ZR features a redesigned colour touchscreen. Among the new Corolla line, this model offers a seven-inch screen display. You will also notice illuminated virtual buttons around the screen. They are not physical buttons, but are part of the screen’s surrounding that responds to touch. The instrument cluster offers a speedometer with light blue illumination, as well as a tachometer split by a trip computer.

The seats provide ample support, particularly the upper body snug. The thick-rimmed steering wheel is easy to grab and chunky. The gearshift, meanwhile, move easily with the hand. Other interior features include the circular outer-air vents, the seat heater controls, and the square inner vents. There is some stitching on the dash panels that add to its overall interior look.

The headroom is impressive, as well. You will enjoy more space for your things because of the ZR’s twin-level centre console, cupholders, and other binnacles. Rear seat passengers will also get to have decent head room, but the legroom seems to be inadequate for the taller adults. However, there is a nearly flat floor for rear seat passengers for additional foot space.

Under the Hood

The new Corolla ZR’s 1.8-litre engine unit produces 103kW of power, with 173Nm of torque. The biggest plus is its fuel efficiency, with just 6.1 litres per 100 kilometers. While this number seems impossible in regular suburban driving, it definitely is easy to get 9 litres per 100 kilometers when mixed with city driving.

Thanks to Continuously Variable Transmission, the new ZR now boasts of a lightweight body. Another thing that will impress car buyers is its impressively quick reaction to throttle changes and its fast acceleration response. It also has a gearbox that allows optimal engine usage. All of these features contribute to making the 2016 Toyota Corolla ZR responsive and fun to drive.

Driving Experience

The new ZR features crisp steering that has enough weight for added driver control. The steering wheel will also protect you from unwanted kickback. Its 17-inch Michelin tyres provide competent cornering, giving you occasionally fun dynamics. Furthermore, a slippery or bumpy road will activate the stability control that triggers electronic graunching.

Tweaks were also done on the ZR’s suspension. The new model now ensures a smoother travel experience, especially when running between 50 and 80km/h. Another thing to love about the new Corolla ZR is its impressively quiet run, letting only the tyre rumble at freeway speeds.


The 2016 Toyota Corolla ZR currently starts at $28,990 and only comes with the auto transmission. Included features are the reversing camera, cruise control, a seven-inch touchscreen, and seven airbags (front side, dual front, driver’s knee, and side curtain). It also boasts of a partial leather trim, dual-zone auto air-conditioning, satellite navigation, heated front seats, paddle shifters on steering wheel, smart key entry, and side skirts for a muscle-up look.

The LED headlights provide a more efficient beam without the need to replace globes. You have to be extra careful with these headlights as a replacement unit costs around $3,000. The Corolla costs $140 for each service, less than half that of its many rivals. It calls for a check-up every 10,000 kilometers or six months, whichever comes first. The only safety features that are not available with this model is the auto-braking and blind-spot warning systems.


The 2016 Toyota Corolla ZR is a perfect choice for drivers looking for a decent car to drive. Its automatic transmission helps the car provide above-average response and overall performance. The Corolla line will continue to appeal many car buyers. This is something that you cannot overlook, particularly in terms of resale value.


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