2016 Toyota Aurion Sportivo Review

November 1, 2016

As a large sedan, the 2016 Toyota Aurion Sportivo, is reportedly going to be the last of this type. It has been a surprising success, however, and will likely be missed by Toyota fans. Although it doesn’t offer much in the way of looks, there are several good reasons why this car gets pretty good scores anyway.

What are its specs?

Among the other Aurions, the Sportivo, as its name implies, has a more sporty design and build. However, the look is a bit understated and doesn’t stand out much from its competitors. Its other features make up for this drawback, however. This robust and dependable vehicle is a five seater, to comfortably accommodate the driver and a small family or group of friends. It has a front wheel drivetrain and it runs on automatic transmission, with an excellent 3.5L V6 engine that’s strong and powerful. In fact, power is gauged to be 200kW @ 6200rpm.

What’s the interior like?

The interior of the Sportivo offers both practicality and comfort. The infotainment system is no trouble to figure out and the six speaker system is decent but may not be what audiophiles and music lovers would expect. The instruments on the dashboard have been upgraded and have more to offer compared to previous models. Streaming capabilities via Bluetooth are available on the 6.5-inch touch screen.

The seats, meanwhile, are covered with fabric and another convenient feature for passengers is the lighted vanity mirrors. There’s a climate control air conditioning system as well and a sun shade at the back to shield passengers from the sun’s glare that can be easily opened and retracted. The body’s design and comfort level of the front seat, however, can be improved on.

The best thing about the Sportivo, though, is that the interior has plenty of space. Legroom is satisfactory allowing you room to move and the headroom is also considerable with seats that are wide enough for most everyone. The front seat and the driver’s seat adjust easily to your preference using electronic controls rather than the more cumbersome manual way for most vehicles. Ample storage compartments are located at the front and by the doors of both the front and the back together with several cup and bottle holders placed within easy reach. Last but not the least, the sizable boot is suitable for fitting 515 litres and for maximum storage capacity, the armrests in the back seats can be folded down and the seats themselves also fold down slightly.

How does it perform?

The combination of the 3.5 litre V6 engine and the six-cylinder powertrain automatic transmission give the Sportivo some muscle with awesome handling. It’s a delight to drive this car on the open road as it glides smoothly along the tracks partly due to its weight, which is not as heavy as other similar models. The overall weight of this sedan makes it easy to control. It responds well through curves and sudden shifts. On bumps and rougher conditions, however, the suspension system is not as great as we’d like. The ride is slightly less comfortable and you might have to endure a little more jolting than usual.
Steering will need a little more effort from you though in tighter spaces in the city with not much room to manoeuvre. The steering wheel’s design doesn’t appear to have been given as much thought as there are other better contoured designs in the market.

Regarding safety, the Sportivo received top marks, 5 stars from ANCAP. Safety gear includes a total of seven airbags, at the front, curtain area and by the driver’s knee. A couple of ISOFIX child seating anchors at the back increase this car’s family friendly capability. The reverse-view camera offers a great view and the blind spot monitoring, front and rear-parking sensors are very helpful. The anti-lock braking system is there as well. As for fuel economy, this car ranks in the middle with a fair 9.3L per 100km.


On the whole, the 2016 Toyota Aurion Sportivo is a terrific family-friendly car that is excellent to drive. It has a superb top-performing engine and for those who appreciate a car with more room, this sedan’s spacious interior coupled with lots of storage space is truly comfortable, convenient and practical.


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