2016 Ford Territory Titanium Review

November 14, 2016

Another model that’s on the last leg of its journey but is still giving as good as it got is the 2016 Ford Territory Titanium. This formidable car is strong and able to forge through most anything in its path. It also has a handsome style that won’t be out of place in the metro but definitely looks more at home in the outdoors. The alloy wheels look great and the projector headlamps together with the fog lamps are a welcome change from the regular types.

Here’s what to expect from the 2016 Ford Territory Titanium.

A look at the specs

The car is equipped with a decidedly powerful 2.7L V6 engine and 6-speed automatic transmission. These are supported by an all-wheel drive for the best performance in any terrain. If you’re willing to pay a little more, you can opt for an additional towing capacity of 1600kg. You’ll also find a generous seating capacity for 7 seats and everyone can be comfortably settled. As for fuel efficiency, it’s estimated to be around 10 L/100km in the country and about 15 L/100km in the city. One area it shines in is its cargo capacity, with 441 litres of space and this extends to 1,153 litres when the rear seats are folded down.

How’s the interior?

There’s a lot to praise in the Territory’s interior. All the seats are wide and well-cushioned. In particular, the seats in the front row provide enough room to move and the middle row is just as comfortable. The back row, however, could do with a little more space but this can usually be expected in vehicles of this class.

The driver’s seat can be electronically adjusted in various ways for maximum comfort and convenience. When it comes to style, the Territory’s leather trimming on the seats give a nice touch. The infotainment system leaves nothing to be desired with an 8-inch colour touch display which easily controls a host of vehicle settings, from music to your mobile device and navigation. It’s also worth mentioning that the navigation system itself is easy to understand and use.

Also included are WiFi features as well as Bluetooth. In addition to that, passengers love the DVD system for the rear seats, with the USB input and wireless headsets adding to an elevated entertainment experience.

Other useful features and storage compartments are cunningly located throughout the vehicle. There are storage areas aplenty for all sorts of items and accessories in different sizes, and even a wet storage container. The air conditioning system is terrific thanks to the climate control feature and included outlets in the rear rows.

What’s it like to drive?

You can depend on this vehicle for a smooth riding experience most of the time. It’s relatively quiet as well though other rivals can do better. Not much noise from the engine and outside can penetrate into the cabin. Push the engine a little harder though and there might be some noise but it won’t bother you overmuch.

The top-notch engine responds well to shifts and turns. Although this vehicle is powerful and large and looks intimidating to drive, it feels and moves like a smaller car. Drivers can’t help but notice and appreciate that the Territory handles pretty well. The suspension system carries the car wonderfully, whether it’s through rough country roads or uneven city streets. There’s no doubt it delivers the best for passenger comfort. Acceleration is practically faultless with no problems of sluggishness. This vehicle offers plenty of potential for families since if necessary, it’s more than capable of hauling extra weight.

This car also received high scores on safety, five stars from ANCAP for its multiple security inclusions. First of all, the standard electronic stability control helps you regain control of the car during skids. Then there’s the rear camera which is highly useful when reversing, and then the front plus rear parking sensors. Most of all, this car is complete with seven airbags. These consist of a couple of airbags in front, curtain airbags at the driver and passenger’s side, and the last airbag is by the driver’s knees.

Overall Performance

Even though the 2016 Ford Territory Titanium will be saying its farewell soon, it will not be easily forgotten. Many owners will agree it’s one of the top vehicles that meets most of their needs and expectations. This car is hard to beat in the area of storage for items, and comfort and room for passengers. It has lots of space for passengers and a variety of useful storage compartments everywhere. With the cargo hold having a massive capacity and driving and handling a sweet experience, this car is an excellent family-friendly option.


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