2016 Ford Ranger PX Series II Review

The 2016 Ford Ranger PX Series II is the largest-selling Ford model by end of July, 2015 with a total of 16,157 units sold. This ute, that has 2 and 4-wheel drive series, comes as the updated version with vital specifications many drivers would like to experience. Revisions didn’t only appear on the front side of the vehicles; there are a few under-the-skin amendments as well. Let’s take a tour of the 2016 Ford Ranger PX Series II.

2016 Ford Ranger PX Series II Review


Suspensions for all models just got tweaked and the higher-end units got the most part of it. The EPAS (electronic power-assisted steering system) reduces the load off its engine; previous models used hydraulic type. It also cuts fuel consumption and steering is lighter when cruising within city limits. This means, it works well with the vehicle’s top of the line safety technology innovations.

These innovations include:

  • Lane-keeping assistance – Helps driver steer onto the lane whenever car begins to wander off course.
  • Radar cruise control
  • Collision prevention assistance – Enables drivers to apply braking pressure in anticipation of an imminent accident.

This SUV is considered by many as one high-end machinery which has innovative tools that rival other luxury vehicles. However, this kit doesn’t come as standard feature for all models. Buyers are required to shell out money to purchase an expensive XLT model which has a price tag of $46,690, with an additional on-road cost for a 2WD guise. Consider the fact that you may pay $52,390 or more for a 4WD or opt for the Wildtrak which sells from $57,890 (manual) to $60,090 (automatic 4WD model only).

Another one that does not come as standard feature is the driver assistance technology.  Wanting to have this on your car requires you to pay $1100 on top of the XLT but you will get additional equipment that is a reverse-view camera. This technology will cost Wildtrak buyers an extra $600 because this variant already has a camera system in place.

The XLT has had a good share of sales percentage the previous year but only came second best to the more expensive and hard-lined styled Wildtrak. The XLTs are touted to have more focus on luxury while the Wildtrak models are luxury sports vehicles.

The cabin

So it can be said that there are no leather material within the cabin but the XLT interior has improved a lot although there are some confusion with the buttons. However, there’s a sort of creative charm if you look into the Ranger’s cabin compared to the Amarok as it has a more upmarket look as opposed to an Isuzu D-Max or the Holden Colorado.

Luckily, the Sync 2 touchscreen media system is set in place just like in the Ford Mondeo and other models of this particular brand. Once you get to know the placement of these buttons, you’ll get the hang of it.

You can use some hard to press buttons to adjust climate controls that takes the place of the screen menu. The dual-zone climate control is a good respite but there were no seat heaters on the XLT; which we were told later that the Wildtrak has it. The front seats offered some consolation as seating is quite comfortable.

The steering wheel is not good in terms of reach. It doesn’t allow you to adjust it; giving other individuals a hard time to adapt to the awkwardness it brings. This is unlike the Volkswagen Amarok or Mitsubishi Triton models.

At the back of the steering wheel of the XLT and Wildtrak is a new instrument cluster with two digital screens that sandwiches the analog speedometer. While the left screen functions as audio control and sat-nav, the right screen is for safety system adjustments.

There are a few issues regarding the navigation system which showed us being several blocks away from where we really are located and finally got more confusing before we reached our destination point. Something has to be done with that.

Storage and space

On the storage department, the Ranger is on the “good” level with large door pockets, a covered centre box, two central cupholders and two more corners for other things you may like to keep. The second row has adequate room for leg, knee and head where 3 adult passengers can sit side by side unlike the Triton. But while the model does not have rear seat air vents, it has a 230 volt outlet allowing for charging devices while on the road.


Overall, the new Ford Ranger Series clearly takes away the prize for being family-friendly vehicles. With a powerful 5-cylinder engine, better steering and great towing capacity, no one could ask for more. Although there are some parts of the package that other people wouldn’t like, nothing comes close to an ideal drive than the Ranger.

This goes to show that there is no perfect vehicle for everybody. What makes some models perfect is it shoots the needs of buyers on target.


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